USA SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION "Serving Your Business is Our Business"
June 27, 2017



Your Success is Our Success. USA SBA Has teamed up with SCORE to offer small business owners the advantage they need to compete against the giant companies of today


For over 50 years, SCORE has served as America’s premier source of free, confidential business education and mentoring.

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Download suggestions
1. Infographic: Small Business, Big Trade
Did you know 97% of U.S. exporters are small businesses? SCORE’s latest infographic
highlights the impact of small business exporters and how you can be one.
2. Job Interview Worksheet (ComplyRight)
Conducting in-depth interviews is time-consuming, it and can be stressful and
unproductive if you’re not prepared. This downloadable template can help you develop a
list of questions to ask each candidate.
3. Your Guide to Understanding Business Credit (OnDeck)
How strong is your business credit profile? Did you even know that your business has a
credit profile? If you didn’t—or if you don’t understand how your business credit profile
works—this eguide can help.
Recorded Webinar suggestions:
1. 3 Essential Steps to Building a Powerhouse Online Brand
This webinar explains how to make your brand, content, social media and online
marketing efforts stand out. It features how to understand your customer and create
valuable content and images to attract them.
2. The How, Why and ROI of Social Selling
Are you struggling to generate sales from your social media efforts? In this webinar,
learn strategies that work — and the hype to avoid — so that the time and effort your
company invests in social selling generates more leads, prospects and customers.
3. How to Develop a Business Plan in Six Easy Steps (oldie but goodie)
This webinar will give you pragmatic, straightforward tools for setting goals, developing
action plans for achieving them, measuring how you are doing on an ongoing basis and
adjusting accordingly.

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