USA SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION "Serving Your Business is Our Business"
March 22, 2017

About USA Small Business Association

USA Small Business Association  is a Washington, DC based non for profit trade association founded to foster political awareness and involvement of Small Business in shaping legislation that directly affects their businesses, family and community.


USASBA is committed to preserving free enterprise, founded to foster political awareness and involvement of small business owners in shaping legislation that directly impacts their business, Involving, Educating and Facilitating are the primary benefits that allow USASBA members to have an important voice in the laws that govern your business and your world. The consistent effort of USASBA is to perform our mission to involve members in the legislation process, educate them by keeping them informed and implement a system to facility participation in the national legislative process that directly impacts your business.

USASBA  is your voice in Washington promoting a better small business environment is what we are all about. Helping change the Tax codes so small business can grow and prosper. Hiring more workers keeps the USA a viable and healthy place to start and run a business.

____________________________________________________  MEMBERSHIP INVOLVEMENT

The involvement of business owners is critical in setting legislative policy priorities and communicating to Congress and federal government their position on issues affecting them. USASBA provides a platform to assure their voice is heard in the halls of congress though consistent, on going and direct communications from USASBA membership to members of Congress. The survival of small business depends on you and your involvement!




USASBA consistently provides members with information and details of legislation that is before Congress that will have an impact on you and your business. Knowing the facts before adverse legislation becomes law opens the door for you to be involved. The association promotes awareness and education of small business owners nationwide to foster involvement in shaping the legislation process that will ultimately affect your bottom line.


USASBA facilitates ease of communications from members directly to your Representative and Senators at your convenience, year around on any important business legislative issue being considered. Through the USASBA, members are provided a platform for their voice to be heard in Washington. Your opinion counts, You can make a difference! Let your voice be heard! Have a say in the laws that govern your business and your world



is an on line daily news paper providing timely information of pending legislation agenda being considered for vote that involves small business interest. Links are provided for members to review or copy the actual proposed legislation on line so they have all the facts. Included is an overview of key business topic and news as well as status of pending legislation during the prior month



USASBA Legislative Alert is the USASBAs news press release when immediate action is requesting your involvement due to pending legislation., When there is a need to report to Washington business breaking news, the Alert is the best method for informing members.



USASBA members have direct access via web link to your law makers Washington DC offices. It provides a convenient opportunity for business owners to communicate direct and personal to their elected officials on the important legislative agenda. Simply click on the link and enter your zip code. The names of your representative and Senators will appear along with their office email addresses. It only takes a few minutes to let your voice be heard Letter, phone calls and E Mails are all counted equally by Congress when considering how to represent the best interest of their electric. USASBA



USASBA through its opinion polls and surveys of membership regarding important business legislative issues can deliver to each member of Congress a combined voice and opinion of the majority of membership in a cohesive and effective method. It is USASBAs objective to assure Washington elected representative know how the small business owner thinks regarding issues, the percentage of response, and to confirm members interest is being represented.




To assure the small business agenda is a forceful and effective advocacy of your interest in Congress and before government.


Continued in depth research regarding the effect of government policy on your business. Results are communicated to decisions makers with recommendations for constructive change,

Web Links:

Convenient web link to Washington offices including Members of Congress, House of Representative, Senate, Small Business Administration,White House and more.



USASBA  Is on the cutting edge of ideas and services to help small business grow by becoming a member you will have access to $1000s of savings on products for your company and employees. USASBA is always partnering with service providers to offer huge savings. our research team reaches out to company’s willing to help the small business owner compete in today’s business climate.

Save Thousands.

USASBA offers its members access to a larger number and variety of discounted products and services used by business owners everyday. As a business owner you are concerned about your bottom line, so is the USASBA. Taking advantage of these programs and discounts could save your business thousands in operation cost each year. By taking advantage of these opportunities your annual memberships dues become an investment in savings.



The USASBA is moving forward with mission of serving small business owners and their interest in the legislative process. Never before in the history of our county has the survival of small business been so threatened. The issues facing this nation and especially small business are alarming, Growing federal deficit, rising taxes, unemployment, health care reform, retiring population, national security, environment and many more will have major impact on your business and future generations., Small business needs your involvement working to prevent more adverse legislation from becoming law. As small business goes, so does our nation. Your involvement will make a difference in Washington and in America, Consider the advantage of USASBA membership for your business, family and your country.